Jun 01, 2016 10:38 AM EDT

iPhone 7 Features Being Questioned; Leakage Revealed Of Specs To Overturn iPhone 6s?

Recent news and updates regarding iPhone 7 is on the rise. Notions of the new iPhone 7 features were being questioned owing to the reasons that the specs are anticipated to overturn the feats and strong points along with the shortcomings of the iPhone 6s.

There are escalating hearsays that the forthcoming iPhone 7 would still be a bore to the users and that it would not have the capacity to overturn the shortcomings of its predecessor. While headline features like Apple Pay and 3D Touch are what Apple finds most exciting, for users the most important changes are typically far more practical such as better battery life and more storage, reports Forbes.

Obviously the latter is the real talking point given the iPhone range has been marooned on 16GB since the iPhone 5 was introduced back in 2012 and Apple has since introduced a 50 percent larger camera sensor plus storage hogging Live Photos and 4K video recording to its phones, as noted by the same post.

On a side note, a separate report from Jobs & Hire has shown some of the hurdles that Apple has to overcome. Conquering the market is not an easy task even with Steve Jobs company at bay.

Even though Apple remains discreet over the elements and features of the forthcoming iPhone 7, many are still hoping that the specs and features of the new smartphone would stun and dominate the mobile industry.

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