Jun 06, 2016 10:37 PM EDT

’Game of Thrones’ Villains: Who’s Gonna Kill Ramsay Bolton?

By Jane Reed

He's good at torturing his victims and now he already has Rickon Stark under his grasp. What are the starks going to do?

He's the cruelest and vilest among "Game of Thrones" villains. And everybody wants him dead. So who will be the lucky Stark or non-Stark to kill him? Sansa has the high ace on this plot. She was married to him and forced into bed, beaten and tortured. No one can tell anything happened to her because her face was still intact but she's had a horrible marriage. Jon Stark needs to take Winterfell back and rescue Rickon from Ramsay Bolton. But maybe someone else might just take him out of the "Game of Thrones."

According to TV Guide, Little Finger may just be the man for the job. His guilt for not being able to see Sansa's fate under his hands tortured him and he will do anything to make amends. He has already enlisted the Knights of the Vale to help him take back Winterfell and hopefully get Sansa's forgiveness.

Or maybe it's Theon GreyJoy. Above all the characters in the past few seasons of "Game of Thrones," he's been the one that has the most terrible time with Ramsay Bolton. He's had his member cut off, he's been brainwashed so many times to forget his own name and he's made to eat vile things off the floor. Cinema Blend has it that Theon GreyJoy, after he realized that he's no longer a worm, might just be able to take him down. Already having enlisted his sister's assistance and stolen the fastest ships, he may just be able to exact his revenge.

Until now, Ramsay Bolton's fate is unknown. "Game of Thrones" season 6 is already closing in on its 10th episode and only the great Raven, or HBO showrunners, can tell if he's to die or live.

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