Jul 03, 2016 06:50 AM EDT

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 50 To 53 Titles Revealed; Black Goku A God Of Destruction?

The titles for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 50 to 53 have been revealed. This information also brings about the installments' release dates as well as what fans can expect then.

Attack of the Fanboy reported that Facebook user Gojiitaaf has posted the translated titles for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 50 to 53. The upcoming installments will be aired in July.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 50 is entitled "Goku vs. Black." It will be aired on Jul. 3. This will show present-day Goku and Black Goku's epic fight.

There is a possibility that Goku may not be able to defeat the villain in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 50. This led to speculations that Beerus, the God of Destruction, will battle with Black Goku. Moreover, Black Goku is said to destroy Future Trunks' Time Machine in the upcoming installment.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 51 is entitled "Mai's Feelings, Transcending Time." It will be aired on Jul. 10. This may focus on Future Trunks and how Mai's death had a toll on him.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 52 is called "Gohan and Future Trunks." This may finally focus on Gohan in the present timeline. It will be broadcasted on Jul. 17.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 53 is entitled "Expose it! Black's True Identity." It will be aired on Jul. 24. This, by far, could be the most exciting and highly-anticipated episode since viewers will finally know who Black Goku is.

According to Forbes, Black Goku could be a God of Destruction from another universe. Another theory suggests that the powerful villain is a Supreme Kai.

The God of Destruction theory is brought about by the fact that there were once 18 universes but six got destroyed so there are currently just 12. Black Goku is believed to be responsible for the destruction of those universes.

Moreover, only a God of Destruction has enough power to destroy an entire universe. The Potara earring is also a dead giveaway for his identity.

His mannerisms, when he fought with Future Trunks, showed him in battle with his hands behind his back. This is something that can be commonly observed with the Kais and Gods of Destruction.

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