Jul 18, 2016 03:31 AM EDT

Your Life Purpose: Build A Career According To It

By Jane Reed

It has been said that people who are happy on the job also tend to earn more. If people are able to find elements of joy and purpose from their work, then positive feelings will arise.

That feeling of doing something meaningful would mean a huge difference to your personal growth.

A recent study revealed that long-term health and happiness are not based on self-indulgence but rather from living according to one's life purpose.

Forbes has it that it might just be worth the effort to build a career based on your life purpose. But first, one would need to identify that purpose.

It can be anything that is meaningful to you. Do you like to solve problems like climate change, world hunger or food waste? Do you want to dedicate yourself to a company that is socially or ecologically conscious? Maybe you want to serve your fellow human-kind by being a doctor or a teacher. Or you may want to write a book while designing a building. Become a professional athlete while being an entrepreneur.

You do not need to focus on one particular thing. You can do what you choose to do as long as it calls to you. It's that when you feel called to a profession, when you're fulfilled by your job, then you-as well as those around you-experience multiple benefits.

If you have finally found and defined your life's purpose then that will be your passion. Your passion will then motivate you to do your best and you will end up happy - and happy workers tend to earn more money. Doing what you love is good for your physical and mental health. Research has already shown that having a sense of purpose in life can improve a person's over-all well-being.

Have you discovered your life purpose?

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