Jul 20, 2016 01:04 PM EDT

Career Path: When To Walk Away From That Track

By Jane Reed

Those who have been working long enough know about "The Path." The Path is a track you are on that is tied to a well assessed career and life. It often leads to a certain salary grade but does not necessarily mean there is fulfillment and happiness in the end.

Many work hard to break into a certain industry, make their mark and earn that title. However, there were some that realized "The Path" is no longer for them.

There will be that time of self-assessment wherein priorities will change and when you hop on a different path, you will then be asked why you left the original path in the first place. According to posts, there are those who leave for three particular reasons:

1. Careers are no longer considered linear - It is wise to be open minded. Some may want to rise to the top from being an entry level teller at a bank to the Chief Financial Officer in the same industry. For some, it is quite different. Reinvention is the key. Do not be afraid of looking like a job-hopper.

2. Identify your values and definition of success - Sometimes, the first career path may not be the right one - especially if you are just starting out. By the time you realize that this is not the career path you want, it is often hard to walk away from the comforts and salary earned. A good way to figure out if you need to change career paths is to figure out what values you have as a person. What do you find fulfilling? Is it your lifestyle, family, money, or something else that helps you reach success?

3. Do not be part of the crowd - You need to have conviction. It might be the trending thing right now but that does not mean it is right for you. Find out what you are good at and find out what is fulfilling for you. That is where you want to be.

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