Jul 25, 2016 03:13 AM EDT

Nintendo Stock Continues Rise As 'Pokémon GO' Launches In Japan

Nintendo stock has soared to new heights thanks to "Pokémon GO." The company's market value continues its rise as the augmented reality game debuts in Japan.

Bloomberg reported that "Pokémon GO" has been released in Japan. The augmented reality game was first launched in the U.S., Australia and in some parts of Europe

The "Pokémon GO" release is said to have added as much as $20 billion to Nintendo's market value. The company's stock rose to 4.2 percent in the Tokyo market.

"Everyone had been waiting for this," Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute, commented. "There's no doubt it will be popular in Japan as well."

Nintendo stock saw an almost double rise on Thursday after the game debuted in the U.S. Its market value is reportedly about $39 billion and has exceeded Tesla Motors as well as Sony Corp.

Prior to the "Pokémon GO" release, the Japanese government has released guidelines on how to be safe while enjoying the app. The advices included being aware of natural disasters and not to stay out in the summer heat for too long.

Even McDonald's Holdings Co. (Japan) benefitted from the "Pokémon GO" release with a 9.1 percent rise in market value. The fast food giant is selling "Pokémon"-themed meals and will be launching a marketing campaign through the app.

The company has been confirmed to be an exclusive partner of the augmented reality game. More than 2,500 of its stores will become PokeStops while 400 stores will be PokeGyms for the game.

McDonald's stock has soared by about 25 percent since the "Pokémon GO" release. This has added $775 million to the Japanese facet of the global fast food chain's market value.

"We wanted to build a game that would inspire people to go outside, get exercise, discover new places and have fun with their friends," Niantic CEO John Hanke said. "'Pokémon' is a beautiful franchise which originated in Japan. When you go out to play, keep your head up, look around, enjoy the world around you and be safe."

According to Reuters, Nintendo shares rose to about 7 percent on Friday. McDonald's shares jumped to 9 percent.

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