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Uber's Self Driving Cars To Hit Roads, Hail Passengers In Pittsburgh Today

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Pittsburgh will be the first city to experience Uber's self-driving cars as they start servicing passengers on Wednesday, Sept. 14. / Flickr CC0

Every traveler's wish is to get to their destinations safe and quick. Uber has always been a big help to giving these passengers their rides to reach their wanted locations. It's as if the ride-grabbing app aims to bring to a higher techology, more convenient level the service it offers its customers.

On this day, Uber kickstarts its driverless cars that will continue its service of giving people their intended rides. And by driverless, this means several self-driving, automatic Ford Fusions will hit the roads of Pittsburgh to hail selected passengers and drive them to their destinations.

Yesterday, Uber has provided some news fits to have a try of their new service. This is probably done both for press release and preparation for the big thing the following day.

According to Andrew Hawkins of The Verge, who first handedly experienced riding a driverless Uber vehicle, this is a "significant moment" for Uber and also for the transportation industry's future. Hawkins candidly shared how the car braked on its own even before he managed to do it on the right time. The reporter goes on sharing how the ride has been both thrilling and mundane, but also praised the incredible feature of this invention.

(Photo : Anthony Levandowski article / Uber Newsroom) The "Self-Driving Uber" cars will hit Pittsburgh roads on Wednesday, Sept. 14th.

Meanwhile, it's a different story for the Dean of the School of Computer Science - Carnegie Mellon, Reuters reports. While the professor acknowledges that this would be a wonderful breakthrough if it ever succeeds. Andrew Moore sees that this could be a way to have a "much safer world" and one that is efficient enough to drive people around using less energy. However, the professor doubts that Uber "has it in" them. Moore believes that at least a decade of tedious development and research is needed to perform such goal of bringing out fully independent vehicles.

There will be no need to worry for Uber unemployment due to these self-driving cars to independently operate themselves without the use of a human driver. Uber, through its official newsroom, sees that new technology brings promise of creating even more work opportunities. And also, the self-driving cars will still make use of "human intervention" in particular scenarios like bad weather.

The trial period will include two Uber personnels to join the riders. One will be behind the wheels and the other one with a laptop, to account the flow of the ride, will take the passenger seat. Also, these personnels will ensure the safety of the passenger and the newly launched Uber technology.

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