Sep 16, 2016 06:16 AM EDT

McDonald's New Restaurant Won't Serve Fries And Burgers? But Hey, There Will Be Macarons

By Erika C
A new independent McCafe in Paris will take pride not in the usual burgers or fries but in Parisian coffee shop foods like macarons. Denise Krebs / Flickr CC BY 2.0

McDonald's has been a part of practically all of the people's lives in most parts of the globe. However, the vastly operating fastfood chain is testing a new restaurant that is far different from what their loyal consumers have been used to.

Ronald McDonald's team is cooking up yet another tasty deal for its customers in Paris, France. Although under their company, this new restaurant will be more like a cafe than a burger joint, far more different than what the famous go-to place usually is. Can someone really imagine, and even call, a McDonald's that doesn't sell you McNuggets or Big Macs or McSpaghettis?

In an in-depth news by Le Figaro, this Paris McCafe will be serving all kinds of cafe meals like soups, bagels and sandwiches, but apparently no burgers. This new store became open to customers in late August and can accomodate at least 30 customer seats. It operates from 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM, just like some normal McDonald's branches.

Aside from those mentioned above, this Paris McCafe offers salads, pastas, macarons and a variety of pastries that are likely inspired by the Parisian taste. However, their coffee remains to be the usual 100% Arabica.

The McCafe brand is known around the world, but only as a part and extension of a whole McDonald's fastfood branch and not autonomously independent. There had been several new ventures and concepts that McDonald's has always came up with, this one could be the boldest.

A McDonald's representative shared with Fortune that their company is continuous in experimenting diversity in its range, services and "create new formats." That's practically what they tried to do in their new Parisian branch.

It is needed, if the competition in France asks for it, making the company take risks and stretch out the ordinary. Although this store could cater more of the upper middle class and higher society people, this could be McDonald's way to reach those who don't usually pile up in line or drive thru their branches to order their fatty, but satisfyingly great foods.

Who knows, if this could become a great hit at France, then McDonald's would later on decide to bring this innovation to other parts of the world, too. A healthier McDonald's for the world.

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