Sep 21, 2016 06:27 AM EDT

Apple iPhone 7 Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 7 For The First Time, Here's Why

By Shiella

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be tech-heavy and have flashy specs but consumers tend to switch to the Apple's iPhone 7 recently. This was because of the reported battery explosions of the Note 7, which was just released in August.

Company officials, who were knowledgeable of the matter, said in a report that they blame this crisis as an internal pressure and being confident of the device, which they rapidly launch hoping to beat their counterpart's Apple iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus.  

While Apple Inc. despite hearing negative reviews on their iPhone 7 which includes having "boring" settings, no major fresh updates, designs nearly identical and only the camera was the major upgrade, they did not worry about this things. This was because users, including skeptical or haters, have made the jump over to Apple due to the Samsung's disaster.

In fact, Forbes reported that Apple recorded an increase of demands of their devices like the latest models already sold out. Meanwhile, Samsung made a global voluntary recall of the 2.5 million phones shipped worldwide with the assistance of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).   And then halt of sales after of their Galaxy note in order to avoid further damage.

"Because of this terrible dilemma at Samsung, their reputation of being one of the largest phone maker in the world and a competent rival of Apple in mobile technology and innovation is at stake," Bloomberg quoted board member at Intel Corp. and smartphone vendor HTC Corp David Yoffie as saying. Also, in an online discussion conference, an employee tag the event "humiliating."  

Smartphone makers know that the battery is a crucial component to every device; however, this time, companies are pushing the limitations of the technology just to meet the demand and satisfaction of the market that usually demands for reliable devices that charge faster. This, in turn, gives the manufacturing department a challenge and can therefore raise some risks like defects. 

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