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Pokemon Generations Episode 4 Investigates The Red Gyarados; Team Rocket Behind Red Gyarados' Behavior? [VIDEO]

By Leah
Pokemon Fanatics Need Not Wait Anymore As Pokemon Generations Releases Its Episode 4 Featuring The Red Grayados
Pokemon Fanatics Need Not Wait Anymore As Pokemon Generations Releases Its Episode 4 Featuring The Red Grayados
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Pokemon Generations Episode 4 is set to feature the Red Gyarados. Lance, the Elite Four's iconic Dragon Master, journeys with his Dragonite to the Lake of Rage which also happens to be the title of the episode, in search for an answer to the mystery of raging Red Gyarados.

Lance make this adventurous journey in finding out the reason behind the rumored forceful evolution of the Red Gyarados. He later breaks into the Team Rocket hideout in Johto only to find out that the latter had something to do with the Gyarados unusual behavior.

Lance discovered that Electrodes are being trapped to power up the radio wave. These radios waves are giving the urge to the Red Gyarados to evolve in a very unusual way causing them to rampage in the Lake of Rage.

Lance later manages to set the trapped Electrodes free extending the liberty to the Gyarados who no longer have to respond to the radio wave.

The episode opens up with the scene of Lance himself in a showdown with his Dragonite and the Red Gyarados.

The show also features Gold being in the base although the episode does not actually focus on this side of the story, The Attack of the Fan Boy reported.

Pokemon Generation animated series started in September. This will go for 18 episodes released weekly and will be expected to air its final episode on Dec. 23.

This year is the 20th year of Pokemon's existence. No wonder why Pokemon is doing so much in giving more fun and adventure to Pokemon fanatics across the Globe.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is expected to be available this November. These Nintendo 3DS and 2DS compatible games allow players to access their Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow and import them into Pokemon Sun and Moon, The Nintendo Insider reported.

Watch this video for more of the fun-packed story.

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