Oct 02, 2016 11:01 PM EDT

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 60 and 61 Will Reveal Black Goku’s True Identity?; Vegeta Transforms Into Super Saiyan White

Episode 60 and 61 spoilers revealed that Vegeta will transform into Super Saiyan White while Black Goku's identity will finally be revealed.

Episode 60 is titled "Back to the Future, Black's Identity Revealed." The episode did not only focus on the awakening of Vegeta's power due to the recent death of his wife, but it also gave a glimpse of the past, which revealed how Black Goku is, indeed, one with Zamasu.

Many fans consider that the focus on Vegeta in episode 60 is good for a change in the central figure in the show. After all, he is the favorite character of the creator Akira Toriyama.

Meanwhile, Goojitaf revealed that Zamasu agreed to have his mind and body be transferred to Goku with the use of the Super Dragon Balls. And this is how the two become one. Although this has not been confirmed, fans are positive that this might be true since the same source also leaked about Super Saiyan Rose last month which proved to be true.

After the issue was leaked, fans were very fast in pointing out the similarities of the two that might prove this speculation. Accordingly, their Ki motives, fighting techniques, and aura are all the same.

Although this revelation is supposed to be aired in episode 60, it will more likely be shown fully in episode 61. The said episode reads "Black Goku sees Goku and the others as the greatest obstacle in completing 'The 0 Humans Plan.' He turns into Super Saiyan Rose to eliminate them once and for all."

Other speculations in episode 60 and 61 also include the death of Gowasu who was killed by his apprentice Zamasu. Accordingly, his death will compel Beerus, the god of destruction, to kill Zamasu in order to maintain the equilibrium and peace in the future. Meanwhile, future trunks will have to travel in the future to check it.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60 is aired today, Oct. 2, while Episode 61 will air on Oct. 9.

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