Oct 05, 2016 05:39 PM EDT

Galaxy S8 Rumors: The Upcoming Samsung Device Might Come Out In A More Cutting Edge Looks and Specs

By Vanessa

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the hot topics along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel and Pixel XL around the tech community as there are speculations saying that this device will be more innovative compared to its predecessors.

According to Nashville Chatter, Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S8 platform may surprise its enthusiasts with a more opulent and exciting features. Samsung Galaxy S7 series is currently using 1440x2560 screen resolution and as speculated Galaxy S8 series might bear a better version. Some of the rumored features of the Galaxy S8 include next level Virtual Reality capability which will have higher frame rates resolution with 4K UHD.

It has long been rumored that Samsung will be integrating 4K UHD resolution for its upcoming devices such as Galaxy S8 but no confirmation from the South Korean tech-giant about the matter. Also since high battery consumption is a known issue with 4K UHD, Samsung may come up with ways to control the issue. It has been known that Samsung will not be the first to use 4K UHD resolution as Sony released their Xperia Z5 in the same resolution but with limited accessibility. Xperia Z5 is using 2160x3840 UHD which can only be used on videos and images and Samsung might have to consider exceeding Sony's limitations. Also the much anticipated Galaxy S8 is said to be packed with a Gorilla Glass 5 feature added by Morning News USA.

Furthermore, headphone jack may no longer be available in the upcoming Galaxy S8 series like what Apple did with their latest flagship. With the introduction of USB-C port to the latest devices it would not be surprising if Samsung will follow Apple's lead in eliminating the headphone jack. All these will remain speculations until the South Korean tech giant makes an official statement about this forthcoming device. There is a huge chance of having Samsung Galaxy S8 introduced in the upcoming Mobile World Congress in 2017 which will begin February 27th to March 2nd.

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