Oct 17, 2016 04:34 AM EDT

'iPhone 7' Home Screen Button Fails? Apple Provides Solution

By Leah

One of the iPhone 7' unique features is its home screen button. It is no longer the physical button that moves through the touch of our fingertips. It is a force sensitive technology on the screen that responds to the pressure. It works just like the usual physical button yet is built to complete the idea of the device being completely software based on avoiding the possibility of its component breaking down as it does not physically move at all.

However, there are certain perks that iPhone 7 users may have to go through considering they no longer have the advantage of pressing the home screen key button should something go wrong with the device.

Iwayne, a Mac Rumor forum goer shared his frustration as over the device as his phone showed an on-screen home button together with a warning that his phone may need service repairs. He said that he restarted the phone and it worked smoothly for a while and went malfunctioning again until it ended up not working at all, EnGadget reported.

Does this actually mean that whenever the service notification appears, users should stop using their phone right away and wait for the repairs to be done before getting their hands on their iPhone 7 again?

Trusted Reviews revealed that the digital home screen button is not really new. It has been around for a long time and can be turned on and off should the need arise. There is no need to worry should the digital button also knows as the Assistive Touch malfunctions. They also clarified that this is not exclusive to iPhone 7. The only difference is that Apple has programmed it to be automatically enabled on the said device.

Here are the steps to enable the Assistive Touch.

Go to Settings, click on General, choose Accessibility and select Assistive Touch to turn it on.

Once this is done, triple clicking the home button enables and disables the Assistive Touch on your iPhone 7.

Watch this video for more about iPhone 7.

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