Oct 20, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Apple's 'MacBook 2018' Features E-Ink Keyboard Dynamically Changes Based On Apps

By Leah

A week before the rumored release of MacBook Pro, the interesting news is speculating around the internet. Apple is reportedly planning for the release of an even more futuristic type MacBook said to come with an E Ink keyboard.

Expected to be out on 2018, the speculated MacBook is expected to change its keys' displays. The keys will change depending on the type of open application. Examples of possible change options in the keyboard displays are from English alphabet to Japanese Hiragana and Katakana. Users may also be in for an emoji treat as keys can transform to various emoji images

Apple has been reported to be working lately with Sonder Design, an Australian keyboard technology company. Sonder recently showcased its E Ink keyboard composed of transparent keys that are capable of making transitions from one set of character to another. Sonder Design is backed by Foxconn, an Apple partner, according to The Tech Radar.

Another rumor spreading adds up to the speculation of MacBook with E Ink keyboard is the report that Tim Cook, Apple CEO, and Sonder met in China last week. The report says that the said meeting was to talk about the use of Sonder's keyboard technology for MacBook 2018 release.

If the idea of E Ink keyboard on MacBook will materialize, then this type of keyboard is expected to be the standard of all MacBook series release after 2018. This innovation is expected to be bigger and more unique than the Optimus Popularis, one name that comes to mind when talking about popular customizable keyboard as this technology is built into the chassis.

Francisco Serra-Martins, Sonder CEO, however, stated that they had not met with Tim Cook yet and that they cannot disclose as of the moment about any information from companies and customers they are working with.

What remains sure right now is that Apple will not fail to surprise their customers with their progressive technology innovation specifically with MacBook, The Mashable reported.
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