Oct 27, 2016 06:13 AM EDT

Playstation 4 Virtual Reality (VR), Eye Camera News And Updates: Its Perks And Quirks

Sony has been trying to make its niche in the virtual reality arena through the PlayStation VR. Although not exactly cheap, it aims to define itself as a technology that is more reachable to fans as it is less expensive than other competitors.

The system has been put to the test and here is what we know so far about this new gaming experience.

According to The Guardian, 'Ocean Descent' is a VR minigame within PlayStation VR Worlds that allows the player to, as the title implies, descend to the ocean. Without the need of controllers, the gamer can simply enjoy what he sees through the VR headset while inside a sturdy shark cage. What starts as a relaxing view of sea life will eventually end up with an encounter with sharks as the player goes deeper.

The same concept is used, but to greater, more compelling feel, by 'Arkham VR.' The player starts in Wayne Manor and then descends to the Bat Cave. As this happens, animation of putting on Batman's costume ensues, leading to further events that will put anyone in awe at the sheer workmanship of the environment.

Though it has its strengths, the VR system also has its flaws. Take into consideration 'Loading Human: Chapter 1.' The fumbling movements of the character is given an alibi, saying that is how the movement is. Upon research, though, it appears that miscalculations in the Playstation Eye camera's motion sense is to blame.

Another example is 'EVE Valkyrie.' It realizes every person's dream to be an intergalactic pilot like in most Sci-Fi movies by dashing through asteroids, but prolonged hours of gaming can give a feeling of unsteadiness.

There is room for improvement in the technical aspect of the experience, but what may be unforgivable for several fans was the fact that Game charged consumers for the demo of the headset. In an article in BBC, Sony explained that the decision to charge was at the retailer's discretion, while Game justified it by saying this is to ensure a dedicated staff is on standby. People were enraged and took to Twitter to express their dismay.

Nonetheless, avid fans of this technology will still be swarming to get their Playstation VRs. To have a personal experience to this gaming breakthrough, one must have a Playstation 4 along with a PS Eye camera.

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