Nov 03, 2016 10:06 AM EDT

Richard Branson: 'A Day Without Intention is a Day Wasted,' Says Virgin Group CEO For Key To Success

A master key to unlock every door of opportunity would be a delightful gift to receive this holiday season. Of course, opening these doors for yourself or those around you will not be easy, but worth it. In light of this, the billionaire and business magnet Richard Branson has shared his secret key to success with everyone. 

According to the Virgin Group CEO, the key to success is not limited to being productive and motivated to achieve a set of goals, there has to be intention. Branson said "A day without intention is a day wasted, without intention, there can be no productivity, and in turn no success. The truth behind his words is definitely clear, a celestial punch to the gut may be experienced by those who have the dream, but also the lack of intention to weave it into reality. 

In Branson's recent blog post he says that intention is the key. May it be writing a novel, getting fit or starting your very own business, there has to be intention. When you have a goal, it starts to feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done. That is, in fact, true, a day is not nearly enough and you have to keep track of all the things you need to accomplish. Take it from someone as successful as Richard Branson as he shares with is the habits he adopted to get to where he is today and stay there firmly.

First off, Branson's tip is to start each day fresh. " If I get caught up in the challenges of yesterday or the focus too much on the past, it can be hard to move on and achieve future goals " he said. Clearly, this successful business figure believes that there is no use crying over spilled milk, it is much better to grab a mop and clean that slate fast in order to move forward. 

Reaching a goal you have in mind is not a trip you can make overnight and because of this, Branson has made a habit of using his time wisely. Minutes, hours and days, even months pass by quickly and if you are not careful, it is easy to let all that precious time slip through your fingers.Time that you could have used to work towards a goal you have in mind. Branson shares that it is great to write down everything you need to do in order to keep track of it and as a reminder as well.

Moreover, it is also advisable to make the most out of every minute. " I generally use my transit hours as valuable meeting time, " he said. "When given the opportunity I like to take walking meetings - sometimes I even set myself a personal challenge of trying to come up with a plan of attack in the time it takes to walk to my next appointment. "

Another helpful tip from this inspiring individual is to always think ahead. "We cannot change the past, so there's no point of dwelling on it ". This is an agreeable statement, pondering over something that cannot be controlled any longer, triggers procrastination and idleness. In the long run, living in the past delays your trip to a successful paradise.

Lastly, Richard Branson tells us to have fun. He says "As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun " and it is very true. Define your goal and the way to achieve it. If you want to get fit, go to the gym and make gym buddies, make working toward that goal of fitness a fun ride. If you want to write a novel, reward yourself with your favorite treat for every chapter you finish, hence making it fun. We all have our own ways of making things enjoyable, it would be goal-efficient if we can implement that on achieving our life goals as well.

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