Nov 05, 2016 06:40 AM EDT

Obama On His Daughters Dating: ‘I Am Pretty Relaxed About It’

By FG Dullin

The incumbent US president Barack Obama is no stranger to worrisome situations, being the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. And when it comes to dealing with the potentially turbulent adolescent stage of his two young daughters, he regards the matter with extreme confidence.

Malia Obama has just turned 18 this year and her younger sister Sasha is already 15 years old. All fathers raising daughters at this age could not help but feel unnerved, considering that such a period is already ripe for dating.

In a testimony described by ABC News, the president has two main reasons to be cool about his daughters entering the dating scene. First of all, Obama attributed his certainty to how his wife, Michelle, carries herself proudly - believing that her self-esteem and emphasis on intelligence and character are feminine qualities worth emulating.

Another reason Obama is very much assured of his daughters is that he has the advantage of the US Secret Service - the most elite group of security agents in the country.

Humor aside, the Secret Service has once proved their mettle in keeping Obama's elder daughter out of danger (and scandal). In a chronicle published by Daily Mail UK, Malia was once spirited away by her father's elite security detail during a police dispersal of a party gone wild in the village of West Tisbury, Massachusetts.

Needless to say, the president has it under control when it comes to dealing with his daughters. Curiously, being caught in a scandal is one of the occupational burdens of the presidential household.

Just a few days ago, an email leakage concerning a conspiracy between the Clinton camp and the Justice Department have truly put the president in a rough spot. Fortunately, the Obama daughters will have a parent to honor as their father makes way for the 58th President days from now. 

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