Nov 06, 2016 04:29 AM EST

Immigration Policy Reforms Needed To Improve Labor Wages

With the current policy on illegal immigration also being pushed as a popular concern in the coming US elections, statistics show that it seems to have minimal impacts on increasing wages for both domestic and migrant workers in the US.

With the coming US elections and its outcome seemingly raising the possibility of intensifying efforts to curb illegal immigration, a report from Bloomberg suggests findings of statistics showing that it has not done anything to increase wages among the labor sector. This may suggest looking into additional steps to focus attention on legislation or policies that may impact wage rate increases related to immigration.

But while wage minimum wage rates are being passed via legislation in several states, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the main reasons for these legislated wage rate changes are primarily due to cost of living, inflation, and the Consumer Price Index. This is despite the fact of official reports that indicate a drop in illegal immigration in the US by at least 8.7 percent between 2007 and 2015.

Experts are, in fact, divided in their opinions regarding the effects of illegal immigration on labor wage rates, especially in areas where there have been reports of undocumented workers taking odd jobs and other labor-related occupations in construction, agriculture, utilities and service sectors. One side insists that the downside is that it reduces work opportunities for Americans while an opposite stance claims that it is, in fact, helpful as it fills the labor-related jobs and opens up doors to leadership and management roles for US citizens.

Illegal immigrants come to US soil for the promise of a better quality of life through employment and education, according to a recent report from Fox Business. The Nov. 8 US elections will determine the outcome of immigration policies of the US as Democratic bet Hillary Clinton pushes for reforms to embrace citizenship for immigrants and Republican stalwart Donald Trump seeks to reinforce stricter border policies to prevent illegal immigrants.

Most agree, however, that while the marked improvement in illegal immigration policies seeing an impact, the labor sector hopes to see better wages through legislated policy reforms being applied across as a result of the success of these policies in the very near future.

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