Aug 06, 2013 12:06 PM EDT

Marilyn Monroe: Worst Mistress of All Time, How Could Jackie Kennedy Compete With Her?


Marilyn Monroe was the sex symbol of the 50s. Historians claim that Jackie Kennedy knew all of the names of the mistresses of John F. Kennedy but a new book considers Monroe as the worst mistress for any wife. Indeed, with oozing sex appeal and pouty red lips, how could Jackie Kennedy compete with her?

Jackie Kennedy was the wife of a very famous young president. All three lived in a time where men of power who committed adultery was just ignored. It could be said that Jackie Kennedy put up with a lot of instances where her husband was doing his way with another woman.

Jackie actually knew of all the names of the mistresses of her husband and could just dismiss them. However, the book, written by Christopher Andersen, claims that Jackie Kennedy has been unable to ignore one name: Marilyn Monroe. It seems that the young president can have all the mistresses that he wants but Marilyn Monroe annoys the First Lady the most. Well, if your husband is rumored to be having an affair with the sex siren of your age, you will react the same way.

Jackie Kennedy was troubled that the sexy actress "was a loose cannon who could go public at any time, causing a scandal that would obliterate her husband's reputation, destroy her marriage and hold her up to public ridicule."

According to the Telegraph, "The book reports one unconfirmed episode where Monroe called the White House and spoke to Mrs Kennedy."

Mrs Kennedy allegedly replied: "Marilyn, you'll marry Jack, that's great. And you'll move into the White House and you'll assume the responsibilities of first lady, and I'll move out and you'll have all the problems."

Not only that, Jackie Kennedy was also experiencing trouble with their sex life. She reportedly disclosed to Dr Frank Finnerty about her almost non-existent sex life: personal physicians, about her inadequate sex life, telling him: "[Kennedy] just goes too fast and falls asleep."

Dr Finnerty gave some advice to the couple which actually made some improvement with their sex lives but it still did not stop John F Kennedy from having extramarital affairs, according to the book.

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