Nov 09, 2016 06:07 AM EST

Job Hunting 101: 5 Simple CV Writing Tips To Get Your Dream Job

A CV(Curriculum Vitae)is more than just a piece of paper, it's you. It talks about your accomplishments, experiences and other important things about you. Don't be a mediocre job seeker but rather go and grab that dream job you've always wanted with these 5 simple job hunting tips on CV writing techniques.

According to Independent, take control of your resume and not the other way around. When it comes to job hunting, people sometimes put unnecessary things in their resume which leads to interviewers asking unnecessary questions. Put in mind that interviewers don't know anything about you except for this document. You'd want them to ask about highlights in your previous career or education

Be concise and clear with it. Don't go beyond three bullets for each sub-section and limit you sub-sections to three or four in each section. In job hunting, always ask yourself if an information you put will make you look good.

Put priority on your projects and results. Always highlight the projects you did and the results that you got with those projects. Employers want to see results on your CV rather than just putting skills. Other people have skills just like you but it is your results that set you apart.

Keep it up-to-date. Most people would put a list of all their job experiences to convince the employer, but according to Total Jobs, keeping a current list is the key to job hunting. Include job experiences that relate to the job you're applying for. You don't want employers talking about how much tips you got being a waiter or how many boxes of pizzas you've delivered.

Don't use the same CV for every employer. Each employer is different and it's just logical to tailor your CV for each one. Be keen with details by researching about the person or the company.

Job hunting is hard but with these 5 simple CV writing tips, it's all about to change. Are you happy with your job right now? If not, go and get the dream job that you've always wanted.

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