Nov 11, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Nintendo Switch To Feature Pokemon; Version Better Than 3DS?

The Nintendo Switch is the first ever console from the large gaming companies to dabble in the home console/handheld hybrid space. One question that have fans wondering is whether a handheld staple like a Pokemon game will make its way to the Nintendo Switch.

According to Gamezone, a Pokemon developer is already weighing in on the issue of which platform to place the next Pokemon Game. This is what he had to say regarding the matter, "There has to be a certain point where we're able to release the games and get them into the hands of enough people, to make sure the audience is big enough."

Considering that the Switch will more than likely be a hit. Especially since Jobs & Hire has reported that the Switch could be getting big name games. If the price range is in the $299 ball park then there is no reason for it not to be a success. This could mean that the Switch will get the nod when it comes to making the upcoming Pokemon games.

Plus according to iTech Post, the reported specs of the Switch will be beneficial to the whole Pokemon experience. With the last few Pokemon games going the full 3D route then the Nintendo Switch is a natural fit when it comes to having the games. The Nintendo 3DS, for all its great games, lacks the powerful hardware to create beautiful looking games. Something that the Switch would have no problem doing.

Nintendo has definitely made a splash when it announced its next gen console. And they would definitely need that considering another poor sales performance from the heels of the dismal WiiU might be the final nail in the coffin for the gaming giant.

An announcement next year of a brand new Pokemon game will definitely change that. Hopefully, they can give the Switch the boost it needs.

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