Nov 12, 2016 07:41 AM EST

'God of War 4' PlayStation 4 Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Demi-god Kratos Now A Father? Amazon Pre-order Available Now

By Din Rose

Sony just made it official, Demi-God Kratos is officially back, during a press conference the company released "God of War 4" PS4. And, it will feature a different human Kratos. The gameplay will concentrate on his fatherhood and mortal adventures featuring his battle with new enemies . Moreover, Amazon offers now a pre-order of the game.

The fans of the demi-god Kratos will soon meet his son on December 29, 2017, which is the official release of "God of War 4" on Amazon. The online shop offers a pre-order of the game, though Sony haven't released the company's launch date.

According to GamenGuide, Kratos will begin his "God of War 4"adventures as a human, far-away from his home as a Norse God. Surprisingly, he is not alone, he has a son. Incidentally, no one knows yet who is the mother of the boy and as stated on other reports, the quest for his wife will be part of the game.

Corey Barlog, Creative Director on Digital Spy said, "This is a guy who can go up against a giant Atlas and not flinch, but the idea of giving his kid a hug scares the hell out of him because he doesn't know how to relate," he added, "He has lost so much of his humanity. What an interesting journey to get that back."

On GamenGuide another report, it is indicated that the game will actually be a reboot. Furthermore, the company wants it to have a new gamer perspective. This is not anymore only about Kratos, it is already a second-generation gameplay of his adventures.

"God of War 4" fans will experience now a different Kratos adventure, additionally, the game will also feature a renewed camera angle. It focuses more in the character, letting the gamer closer to him.

In all, there are a lot to be excited for the 4th franchise of "God of War." Make it sure to stay tuned for more updates about Kratos and his son. Further updates for launch date and news will be announced soon.

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