Nov 13, 2016 11:59 PM EST

Most Anticipated Pre-Holiday Sale Kicks Off: Black Friday Deals Are Out; Apple Products On Sale!

It is just a week before the Black Friday Madness and people are ecstatic on what to buy. From technology, home appliances, books and all shoes and clothes all at discounted prices, consumers are thinking about what to get given their limited purchasing power. 

The most anticipated shopping sale will kick off on the Friday after the Thanksgiving. It is expected to be on November 25 this year. 

With different niche shops already released their best deals online like the Monstrous Fall Sale of GOG, there are some big deals that people must not miss. Included in the list of the most awaited deals this coming Black Friday are discounted offers on smartphones, televisions, personal computers; mobile tablets, video games; wearables and phone and home accessories. 

Further, in the list of the discounted deals of Fortune, Apple has been one of the leading companies to attract buyers through giving their newest release a good break. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S will be offered in a no down payment scale in some leading online stores. 

Samsung still aims to get the spotlight by providing almost half the price of their Samsung Galaxy S6 which is the most competitive against the iPhone brands. Also, the mobile phone is known to be the very affordable, but of high-quality Samsung J3 is then offered with on discounts to have more Samsung users around the globe. 

On the other hand, the Hewlett-Packard laptop and Acer laptops have become trending in the last few months. With that, the said companies decided to incentivize their consumers by offering it at lower prices this coming Black Friday.

When it comes to video gaming, as per the article of Jobs and Hire, the Monstrous Fall Sale of GOG will no longer be available by Black Friday because it will end on November 17. Fans must not be discouraged because it will be replaced by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games which will be around 20 percent off in most retail stores. 

To know more about the great deals on Black Friday, you can check the official websites of the most leading online shopping sites in the world. Black Friday will be the day after Thanksgiving, and that would be on November 25. 

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