Nov 14, 2016 06:57 AM EST

Turkey Warns US Citizens To Stay Away From Anti-Trump Protests; America Now Unsafe For Tourists

After the results of the 2016 United States Presidential Elections were released, citizens of the greatest nation are vigorously protesting against Trump's victory in the elections. This caused Turkey's foreign Ministry to issue a warning about the country's safety. 

People continue to protest in different cities, expressing their concerns about the incoming Trump Presidency. This has triggered Turkey's Foreign Ministry to issue a travel warning for the United States. It seems that the protests that are running rampant pose a danger for tourists. Moreover, it is also possible for racists to actively assault those of different race, may it be verbally or physically.

In a recent report here on Jobs & Hire, aside from protests about the Trump victory, hate crimes are also becoming more frequent. Even the Portland Police has already categorized the protests as a riot, advising citizens to be aware of the dangers present in the country. 

According to Bloomberg, Turkey often finds themselves on the receiving end of negativity for more than two years now. It is known that foreign tourists are targeted by terrorist attacks in major cities in Turkey.

Out of concern for their own, Tukey has stated a warning directed to Turks currently residing in the United States. As per Times of Israel, Ankara shares a warning to those who live in the United States or who are planning to travel to the US to be vigilant due to risks linked to current events and social tensions. As posted on the foreign ministry website.  

Ankara also warns that there is an increase of verbal and physical abuse over the past few days, usually doled out by xenophobes and racists. As a result, Turks are warned, "Do not approach zones where demonstrations are growing, take security precautions and closely follow news via local media." 

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