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Mega Millions numbers and results will be broadcasted online in the live stream video link below. Thousands of thousands of people who have purchased a ticket will probably be straining their eyes and expectantly waiting as the torrent of time comes to a mega stop, with each and every frame of the drawing arrested.

Really though, the truth is that, many will be awaiting that humongous 20 million dollar jackpot that's going to be announced on live stream tonight, Tuesday, August 6, 2013. That's why we prepared something great for your Giga-bit internet ports, so that you can download billions of bits onto your screen and watch the resulting video for those amazing 6 Mega Millions numbers.

Mega Million numbers and results for the last drawing on August 6 were 1, 11, 16, 51, 55, and 41 (Mega ball number). Because no one won the large jackpot last week at $13 million, this week, the lottery grand prize is at $28 Million, with the Mega Millions winners taking home a one time lump-sum of $19 million ("Cash Option") or a 26-year payout ("Annual Payout").

Last live stream drawing though, the mega million numbers did allow for 2 winning tickets with $250,000, and 21 others won $10,000 each. Statistics show that the way to win the jackpot is very slim at 1 in about 176 million, but the chances to win other Mega Millions prizes are much higher at 1 in 40. That means, if you buy 40 Mega Millions tickets, its' possible that you might just get a prize for one of them.

The lottery tickets are sold in 42 states, each potential winner chooses 5 digits, plus a sixth one that will be the Mega ball number. Ticket entry will stop at 15 minute before the drawing. So if you still haven't bought yours, go and get it right now! You might make it before the mega millions drawing live stream begins.

Players can pay $1 more per playboard to increase the non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, or 4 times. The maximum amount to win without getting the jackpot.

The showing will be at 11 P.M Eastern Time Tuesday and those with a Mega Millions ticket can share in excitement as they await the winner of the huge prize.

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