Nov 21, 2016 05:33 AM EST

WA Unemployment Rate from Bad to Worst; State Government Blamed for Labor Problem

With an average of 6.5 from the previous 6.1 per cent, WA was the only state which had recorded an increase in its unemployment rate. It is higher than that of Tasmania and South Australia during the month of October

According to the Bureau of Statistics of Australia, with the country's unemployment rate for the month of October fixed at 5.6 per cent, Western Australia would have been the one responsible to it as it was seen to have worst rate of unemployment in the country. Labor has identified WA government's mismanagement with regard to the alarming increase of unemployment rate in the state. However, Michael Mischin, Commerce Minister, held that the crisis of unemployment was entirely uncontrolled by his administration.

Mischin expressed his concern about the government's responsibility for the instability of the state's economy which is already out of their control. He furthered that initiatives for the expansion of the accessibility to job opportunities are already being discussed. However, the Government cannot do the hiring of personnel for the state itself.

On the other hand, Mark Gowan, leader of the opposition, stood to his belief that the State Government that he had been continuously criticizing in terms of expanding the economy of WA, is the one to blame with the problem at hand. He said that the current unemployment crisis in the Western Australia is because of the Liberal-National Government.

Premier Colin Barnett agreed that WA's labor market was weak. He said that he was expecting that careers will play a vital role in the forthcoming election campaign in the state.

In an interview with 720 Mornings, Barnett said, "Jobs is the number one issue and people are concerned about their job. With a population growth of 500,000, a slowing of the economy, there aren't enough jobs to go around." According to Michaelia Cash, Federal Employment Minister, if Labor has the authority in WA instead of the present government, the unemployment rate would have been poorer.

Western Australia is a shelter to 2.6 million citizens while 92 per cent of which lives in the state's south-west corner. 46% of Australia's exports are produced in WA.

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