Nov 29, 2016 06:00 AM EST

'Captain America: Civil War,' Barack Obama Movie 'Barry' and More to be Added to Netflix This December!

There are a lot of things that you can do this coming holiday season. Travelling, reading, and of course, watching TV. If you are a fan of Netflix, a new batch of movies and TV series will be released this coming December.

As per IBT, there are plenty of series and movies that you can add on your list. These are:

"White Girl"

An American movie, starring Morgan Saylor (Leah) and Brian Marc (Blue.) Leah, who loves to party; and Blue, Puerto Rican drug dealer; are college couple who gets in a serious trouble. Both of them are selling drugs, but Blue got arrested by the police. His girlfriend Leah, helps him to get out of jail. But then, she found out that she was left with debt and cocaine. This will the available on Netflix this coming December 1.

"National Lampoon's Animal House"

Another classic comedy film is coming to Netflix. Starring Thomas Hulce as Larry Kroger and Stephen Furst as Kent Dorfman; freshmen student from Faber College. They to wanted join the Omega Theta Pi - elite fraternity, but got rejected. The two gets in on the notorious fraternity - Delta Tau Chi House, but the College Dean wants to remove the Deltas. This movie will also be available on Netflix this coming December 1.

"Fuller House" Season 2

Are you a fan of this Netflix's retro revival? Well, the Season 2 of "Fuller House" is coming this December 9. The comedy series will include three different types of holidays such as, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. According to Popsugar, there will be returning casts from the series; appearance of the people from DJ's past, and expect a lot of cameos.


American documentary that will be released this December 9. This deals with different negotiations and hostage taking all over the world.

"Colony" Season 1

Starring Josh Holloway as Will, and Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie. Set in the future in which group of aliens rule the Colony Transitional Authority. Will and Katie's son got separated from them after the aliens invaded Los Angeles. The couple will do anything to get their son back. But there's a punishment from Colony Transitional Authority on whoever disagrees with them. This series will be available this coming December 13.


The movie "Barry" reflects with the story of Former President Barrack Obama; his life as a student in Columbia University. In this movie, you will see about his experiences and his views about politics, government, and races. Devon Terrell will play the role of Barry. The movie will be launched on Netflix this December 16, 2016.

"Captain America: Civil War"

Another movie that will be available on Netflix this December 25 is "Captain America: Civil War." Surely, this is Netflix's gift to subscribers starring Chris Evans.

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