Nov 29, 2016 07:00 AM EST

3 Ways You May Be Failing Your Employees, and 5 Factors Employees Want in a Company

Being a leader is quite challenging sometimes; there are a lot of responsibilities. But there is also a good side to being a leader: you can influence and motivate your subordinates or employees to work hard. Adam Matthew, a communication expert, describes leadership as being humble and putting your employees first for the growth of the company.

The definition of leadership is not just giving rules and appointing tasks. It is also important to hear and to know the needs of your employees. But how will you know if you already failed you employees? 

An article from Entrepreneur stated that there are 3 dangerous ways that you possibly fail to do with your employees; whether you are aware of it or not.

You are not being transparent enough

Employees must know what is their role in your company. Set rules and guidelines; one must have individual role. Being transparent with your employees is very important; inform them about the company's goal. Only 41 percent out of 3,000 employees knows what is their part in the company, this is according to a Gallup Survey.

You are using unnecessary bureaucracy

Rules and regulations are important, of course. But know how to limit these; include only those necessary reminders, so that employees will not be confused on what to follow.

You are not approachable

Remember, before you became a leader, you were once a subordinate. Leadership does not mean controlling; leadership means helping.  Be approachable; respond to your employees' query. In return, you will get a good feedback from them.

Leaders must also take note what their employees really need in the company. According to Forbes, there are five factors that affects the employee's' decision whether they stay or leave the company.

1. It's all about the Benjamins (salary)

2. Good health insurance

3. Work-life balance

4. Opportunities for advancement and professional development

5. A sense of purpose

Do you think you still need to improve and be an effective leader? Jobs & Hire also shares tips on leadership communication and skills.

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