Nov 29, 2016 09:54 AM EST

3 Major Internal Issues That Limit Your Potential To Become A Successful Businessman

Most successful entrepreneurs have the same thing in common - motivation. When a person is well-motivated, he is more likely to become successful in his life career. However, if a person holds himself back and is satisfied with 'just a little achievement', that person is not getting motivation and becomes more vulnerable to discouragements.

In order to grow, one must stop containing themselves in a box and explore the world out of their comfort zone. There could be many factors that inhibit a person to do this, but among these, there are three major factors that generally takes over a person:

Fear of Rejection

One of the most common inhibitors to an entreprenuer's success is rejection. Pleasing the people around us with what we do has always been one of the ultimate goal, and a negative response from anybody would easily break our heart, make us feel inferior, and leave us nowhere near improvements.

Rejection in the world of business is common, but it doesn't mean you can't do any better just because you were rejected. When criticized, accept it. Evaluate your work and learn from it. According to Tiny Buddha, rejection is inevitable, all you need is the drive to keep going no matter what.


Many people are overly conscious of their performance and other people's evaluation of them. They think everything must be well thought out flawlessly before making an initial move. This is not a bad "quality-control" idea, however, perfection is not always the deal. Even the most successful companies have face many mistakes but they remain soaring the in the market. One must only learn how to take risks, says a report by Entrepreneur.

Fear of Accepting Weaknesses

The need to be always perfect and the fear of rejection is rooted by the fear to accept weaknesses. Weaknesses are like ropes tied behind your back, pulling you backwards as you move your way up north towards your dreams. Unless you work on them, your chances towards success will always be limited.

Despondencies depend on what we are trying to achieve, but one thing is for sure, fear of rejection, perfectionism and weaknesses will always be the major factors that will limit one's potential to grow as an entrepreneur, unless the motivation is to work on these areas is up and running. For more related articles, check out a report by Jobs & Hire.

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