Nov 29, 2016 06:09 AM EST

Top 5 Jobs That Allow You To Travel

By FG Dullin

When one thinks of travel, it rarely crosses the minds of average individuals to associate it with work. In fact, travel is often more associated with vacation instead of profession. But there are top 5 jobs which reveal the reality of having such careers.

It is important to take note, however, that people who travel a lot for work may have a different idea of what a vacation is. People who crave to book a flight to some unfamiliar place should take a closer look at these top 5 jobs.

Humanitarian Movement

An article published by U-Loop categorized humanitarian movements as one of the noblest and most prestigious travel jobs around. Working to better the lives of areas in the world stricken by war and/or poverty requires highly dedicated professionals. Whether a person is an accomplished surgeon representing Doctors Without Borders or one of the logistical staff of the Peace Corps, this kind of job requires prolonged stay overseas.

Music Tour

Another career that requires traveling is music tours. Whether the person is a performer, a stylist or part of the overall live concert logistics, this job entails moving from town to town (or state to state for huge affairs).

Writing & Journalism

Whether a person covers another exclusive story in Mosul (Iraq) for Al Jazeera, or joins a team of National Geographic explorers to the remote settlements of Sahara, writing and journalism entails traveling across an off-beat track. Unfortunately, on-site accommodations are stripped of any luxury.

Event Coordination

With most of the important events held at countryside venues, event coordinators enjoy a fractional amount of pleasure organizing weddings, birthdays and other key celebrations. It is one of the many travel jobs listed by an article featured in Pay Scale.

Flight & Cruise Service

Since 2013, travel industries provide middle-class salaries and luxurious setting for flight and cruise servicemen. An article published by Jobs & Hire describes how these opportunities are practically impossible to outsource overseas.

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