Nov 30, 2016 04:53 AM EST

'Clash Royale' News & Update: Behold The Power Of Clone Card!


Supercell has been recently consistent with their updates with "Clash Royale" adding new cards every few days. There will be a four batch update that will introduce a new card every two weeks. Well obviously, fans are full of excitement and a lot of players are now studying on how to incorporate the new cards to their decks.

Two cards are already out which is the Elite Barbarians card and the Tornado Card. In just ten more days, Clone Card will now be available to players. Clone card is set to be an epic card which means that it will be a rare and fine addition to your deck. Some will be fortunate enough to get their hands on the Clone Card but hardcore gamers can always buy the card for 400 gems.

Recently "Clash of Clans" released a spell named Clone Spell and as the name suggest, it clones your troops into a holographic version of themselves. The duplicate troops will have the same stats of the original but the hitpoints will be significantly lowered. However, the good thing about the spell is that when the original troop dies, the cloned troops will still remain to fight. Another advantage it offers is that it works in groups regardless of the type of unit.

Considering that "Clash Royale" has a lot of its game elements similar to "Clash of Clans", we can expect that the upcoming Clone Card will have the same ability as the Clone Spell. If this proved to be true, lots of players will be in the hunt for this card as it is too much amazing to let it pass.

Two weeks after the Clone Card release, we will have the Electro-Wizard card which is another subject of hype for "Clash Royale" players. It will be a legendary card that will sport a high-speed stat but low hit points.

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