Nov 30, 2016 01:45 AM EST

'Deadpool 2' Pushes Through After Former Director Tim Miller Left; Release Date Revealed

"Deadpool 2" finally pushes through after a speculation that rose several weeks ago regarding the film's progress slowing due to the resignation of its former director Tim Miller. The release date however, remained unconfirmed.

After the success of its pilot movie, fans expected the tales of the unconventional superhero Deadpool to continue on its sequel. However, things got a little rough when Miller announced his leaving due to some creative disputes with the Deadpool lead actor and movie producer Ryan Reynolds, The Stopru reports.

The Wrap added that while Reynolds, wanted to continue with the "Scrappy" feel on shooting the "Deadpool 2" which the fans widely accepted, Miller demanded a more stylish vibe for the sequel. This means that the original budget of first movie that was $58 Million, might be tripled, which also created the irreconcilable differences between the two, said the report.

Fortunately, the 20th Century Fox confirmed having its new director David Leitch. Thus the adventures of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, will still push through. The release date remained unconfirmed, although it might land between November 2, 2018 or February 14, 2019, with the former being more feasible as per The Stopru.

The Deadpool is a story of Wade Wilson, a mercenary who formerly worked as a Special Forces operative. He gained incredible strength and healing powers after undergoing a series of experiments with the help of Ajax played by Ed Skrein. After surviving the torture, Wilson went back as a vigilante hero under the name Deadpool to hunt down the man who almost took his life.

Ryan Reynolds triggered laughter among his audience and earned more fans after playing the role of Deadpool. He started his career in 1991 and became remarkable for starring in the "Green Lantern" in 2011 as the title role. For more updates regarding the Ryan Reynolds and the "Deadpool 2", visit the Jobs & Hire.

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