Nov 30, 2016 05:20 AM EST

CW ‘The Flash’ ‘Invasion’ Crossover Episode Update: ‘Invasion’ Won’t Have Huge Impact On ‘Supergirl’ Says Producer


The much-awaited four-way 'Invasion' episode of "The Flash" third season has finally aired and is now in its second part. However, while the three-part crossover event started with Supergirl, producer Andrew Kreisberg said that the episode does not really have a big impact on the superheroine.

WARNING: This might contain spoilers.

In a report by Comicbook, Kreisberg revealed that even though Kara was charming and fun, the episode's impact is more on Barry and Oliver. The possible reason for this is the fact that Barry was the one who could have caused the crossover as he was recently confronted by The Dominators. Although there was no sign of tension, Barry decided to prompt the other superheroes. In the verge of possible invasion by The Dominators, Barry reached out to four superheroes, with Supergirl as the only total outsider in particular. Barry traveled to Kara's apartment via breach together with Cisco, to ask her for help.

The first part of the crossover episode kicked off last Tuesday with highlights on Supergirl. This Wednesday, the crossover continues with Arrow and will end on its finale episode with Legends of Tomorrows.

The Arrowverse is definitely gonna get intense tonight as Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Legend of Tomorrows team up to help the Flash fight the alien Dominators. As the crossover episode continues, nonstop predictions about the possible swerves are circulating.

In a report by Inside Pulse, the possibility of Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow being the new members of Justice League was raised. In one of the pictures uploaded by the source, The Legends of Tomorrows can be seen on a Hall of Justice backdrop from the Justice League / Super Friends series.

The second part of 'Invasion' crossover episode airs tonight. Don't miss the happenings and keep updated with the latest news and updates. More 'Invasion' crossover news and updates? Check out a recent report by Jobs & Hire.

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