Nov 30, 2016 07:00 AM EST

3 Signs That You are Avoiding Feedback and 6 Ways How to Accept Constructive Criticism

Everyone needs a feedback, especially in your career. It doesn't matter if it is positive or negative because it is important to know other's perspective regarding your work. Feedback as well as constructive criticisms will help you to improve, and we need people who will give us feedback. Accepting all of these is like accepting the flaws in your life.

But are you really open to take all of the feedback and improvement that you need? Even if sometimes it may hurt your ego? According to US News, there are 3 signs that you are afraid to accept feedback:

1. You already know everything

You are not asking help from your workmmates. When someone explains to you about doing something you always say, "Thanks, I've got this." You always refused the help of other people and you thought you can do it by yourself.

 2. You get defensive

You don't want to admit your mistakes; you will blame other people, instead. Pointing young finger or shrugging your shoulders are signs of being defensive. It's hard for you to accept your mistakes and disregard constructive criticisms.

3. You aren't appreciative

Even though you receive a feedback from anyone, learn to appreciate it. Thank them for noticing the mistakes that you did.

Have you done any of these three? Do you want to know the ways on how to accept constructive criticisms? Forbes share 6 ways on how to accept it:

1. Stop Your First Reaction

Stop yourself for a while before giving reaction in the situation. Give your brain some time to process everything that has been said to you. After that, give a reaction and accept it wholeheartedly.

2. Remember the Benefit of Getting Feedback

Do not forget on why you need to receive a feedback. Just remember, it is all about improvement and development. Those are the benefits that you will get in the future.

3. Listen for Understanding

Listening means understanding. Listen closely on the things that needs improvement. Analyze the situation properly.

4. Say Thank You

Thank you really matters. It is not hard to say a single "thank you." After all, this will be the ladder to your success.

5. Ask Questions to Deconstruct the Feedback

Do not afraid to ask questions. Clarify the things that you do not understand. Do not agree if you don't really understand what should you do. Ask again; it's not wrong to ask.

6. Request Time to Follow Up

Articulate what you will do next. If everything's clear and you don't have any questions; say thank you and it's time to go.

Most of people are afraid of constructive criticisms; some considered it as weakness. But actually, this is not really true. Everyone commit a mistake; do not hold back and do not let your weakness to be the reason why you are afraid of receiving feedback. This will help you, not only today, also in the future.

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