Nov 30, 2016 07:14 AM EST

ArtWorking Celebrates 10-year Anniversary; Continues Strong Support For Artists With Cognitive Disabilities

By FG Dullin

While people all over the United States are always worried about the prospect of career opportunities for people with cognitive disabilities, a nonprofit organization based in Dane County (Wisconsin) has been doing something different. ArtWorking has done its best to support artists suffering from such frailties.

This group is one of the many civil alliances that effectively confront the contentious issue of equal opportunity in the United States. Curiously, however, ArtWorking represents one of the several groups under the umbrella of Work Opportunity in Rural Communities Inc.

A report by The Badger Herald underscores the facts and figures behind cognitive disabilities and how they affect the country's overall labor demographics. Based on the data presented by the 2014 Disability Statistics Annual Report, 4.4 percent of people in the United States between ages 18 and 64 suffer from frailties such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other learning disabilities.

Furthermore, ArtWorking director Lance Owens reveals that his inspiration for establishing the group is spurred by the harsh reality of unequal opportunity in America. Throughout his long exposure, he realized that persons with cognitive disabilities do not have access to sustainable long-term careers. Fortunately, art is one of the most viable avenues for people with cognitive disabilities to excel.

American society is not entirely apathetic to their plight regardless of the obvious shortage of opportunities. An article published by Jobs & Hire illustrates specific ways employers must interview applicants with cognitive disabilities - especially considering the legal precedence emphasizing anti-discriminatory practices and protocols.

While groups like ArtWorking are making huge strides in championing equal opportunity, Americans are currently concerned how such efforts might be opposed by the current Trump administration. An article published by Forbes Magazine hints on how the appointment of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General might endanger special education rights. 

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