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'Vikings' Season 4 Spoilers, Cast, Theories, Predictions, Latest News & Update: Lagertha Takes Away Aslaug's Throne?

"Vikings" Season 4B is much awaited! Its upcoming season brought lots of revelations from the characters. Numerous speculations leaked online about the cast of the TV series. Besides, Katheryn Winnick's character as Lagertha brought much revelation once the series comes back as she was rumored that Lagertha would take away Aslaug's throne.

As it has been previously said by "Vikings" screenwriter, Michael Hirst, Lagertha's character was the soul of the said TV series.  As the news released by Jobs & Hire, there were speculations that the shieldmaiden was a lesbian due to the fact that she found a new love interest with Astrid. However, it was being clarified by the Hirst that Lagertha is not a lesbian. She had developed trust issues with men, as a result, she found new love with another shieldmaiden.

According to News Everyday, Lagertha would start a battle for a throne against Aslaug on "Vikings" Season 4B. As shown on its promo video, Lagertha went back to Kattegat with all her men together with Astrid bringing weapons and shields. It was not yet clear what was the reason behind why Lagertha would attack Kattegat and why she wanted to take away Aslaug's throne.

On the other hand, upon Ragnar's return on "Vikings" Season 4B, it was recently reported that those people who trust him before would hate him on the upcoming season. Ragnar's sons, Lagertha and his best friend, Floki who has been portrayed by Gustaf Skarsgard would be having their own agenda.

As it was reported by TV Guide, the reason behind of their betrayal was because of what happened about Wessex settlement which was shown on the previous season of "Vikings". All of Ragnar's people felt betrayed when Ragnar left including his sons. Now, his closest allies would probably balance their feelings towards him with the general feeling of betrayal that most of his people felt.

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