Dec 01, 2016 01:57 AM EST

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Elite Four Rematch Battle Spoiler: Meet Tristan!

With all the hidden surprises encrypt in the newly released "Pokemon Sun and Moon," players who have bought the game already are still looking for more thrills most especially in their battling experiences. Now, more than just doing battles with the 'Elite Four,' seems like Niantic introduced a new member of the team to add more flavors to the game.

You have gone too far, and now you need to beat the 'Elite Four.' Defeating them is necessary to feel that you have finished the game well, but it is not as easy as other ignorant Pokemon players say. Pick from either victory or defeat, face the Pokemon 'Elite Four' to prove your abilities as the new Pokemon master!

In the release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon," 'Elite Four' are identified to be the best players in the Alola Region. Unlike the members of the 'Elite Four' in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos, seems like there is a new character that is to be revealed and players are not expecting them to be here. As reported by Kotaku, the new 'Elite Four' Pokemon Trainer is no other than, the kiddie Tristan.

Players have noticed the innocence of Tristan during the start of the game, and no one would think that he can make it to the 'Elite Four.' With no any clues on how great Tristan is in being a Pokemon trainer, players are worried about being unable to beat the 'Elite Four. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" spoilers will be on the next line. Keep your eyes off this if you do not want to know how Tristan will play during the 'Elite Four' Rematch Battle.

All in Level 59, Tristan will give you his best Pokemon. He has an Emolga, a Sharpedo, an Exeggutor, a Magmortar, and a Tauros. Make sure you have prepared a counter to each of Tristan's Pokemon to ensure that you can reach the peak of "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

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