Dec 01, 2016 05:28 AM EST

'Star Trek: Discovery' News & Updates: Two Additional Characters Revealed; Anthony Rapp play the role of Lt. Stamets, A Gay Character

CBS already announced that Michelle Yeoh will join the most anticipated "Star Trek: Discovery" as Captain Georgiou. Now, there are two more additional characters on the series.

Michelle Yeoh is known for her role in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Now, she will be  sitting on Captain's chair of Starship Shenzhou. She is the first cast that was revealed to join the series, as previously reported by Jobs & Hire.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Doug Jones will also join the upcoming "Star Trek: Discovery," and will play the role of Lt. Saru - a new alien species and Starfleet Science Officer. Another cast that will join "Star Trek; Discovery" is, Anthony Rapp, a gay character. He will play the role of Lt. Stamets, a space fungus expert - Astromycologist.

In the movie "Star Trek Beyond" Lt. Sulu revealed to be a gay, which is considered to be controversial. And now, in the upcoming series, executive producer Bryan Fuller says; it is important to add at least one gay character; for expressing diversity in its casts. 

Fuller further added, he will add a gay character if ever he will make a "Star Trek" show, "I feel like actually gay rights have come a lot further in that time than race issues and women's issues," he says to the interview from Entertainment Weekly.

Originally, "Star Trek: Discovery" will premier this coming January 2017. Later on, the date was moved to May 2017 so that, there will be more fine tuning with the scripts. Fuller and Kurtzman says; there's a lot of responsibilities to carry in bringing back the "Star Trek" in the television, as there will be newcomers who will watch the series, and also to connect the fans with that has seen the series since childhood. "Star Trek: Enterprise" ended the four seasons in 2005.

"Star Trek: Discovery" will premiere on CBS Access this coming May 2017. The series will also be available on Netflix in 188 counties including UK. 

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