Dec 01, 2016 05:59 AM EST

Law Degrees For Women Increased But Fewer Jobs To Occupy

Research shows that more female law students are all over lower ranked school in American and just a few are enrolled in prestigious universities in the country. With that being said there is a big difference whether a female law graduate lands a good job that fits her. This offers high pay rate that will be for a long term job security and professional growth.

According to an article from Istradio reports that women are less likely to attend universities that sends very high percentage of their graduates into their chosen profession. With this, women have the disadvantage that may well off continue throught their professional career and life overall.

Though Despite the high rate of women with law degrees, still it hold fewer probability and percentage in partnerships at law firms and are not as well presented in the high grade of law. This includes ranks for judges, counsel, deans, and so on and so forth.

According to New York Times, On the other hand law school rankings are sometimes on debate so as much as it can be solved the research team checks the enrollment figures at universities with good records of post graduate employment. Law schools claimed that 85 percent of the graduates in gold standard jobs elucidate as full time and long term positions which require state bar exam had only a couple of women enrolled that the national average by around 3 percentage points.

Many who observe worry about a leakage for women attorneys once they step on their chosen practice after leaving law school. However, they start much more earlier on the law school admitting process.

A data was collected by ABA and LSAC according to sources and was reported that they found three leaks that may affect the portrayal of women in their chosen profession. Women obtain 57.1 percent of all university degrees but only account to 50.8% of law shool applicants, another is women that apply in law schools are less likely to be admitted and third when if ever admitted to law schools, they attend to worse placement rates than men.

Adressing the said leaks will surely improve gender variety in law schools and in the legal profession chosen. For more news and updates stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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