Dec 01, 2016 06:03 AM EST

How To Improve Your Work-Life Balance Starting Today

Work usually takes more time than what you can give to your family and loved ones. If you are working eight hours a day for six days; that is equivalent to 48 hours a week. There is not much time left for family life and recreation.

Those who work for only five days a week are in a much better position to spend more time with their families and they can have an entire weekend to do just that. It is important for people to maintain a good work-life balance in their lives.

"In our digitally driven world, it's imperative to maintain a work-life balance," Jackie Stone, CMO of a personal cloud storage company, told Business News Daily. "I've worked in digital media for more than 20 years and as we become more connected, more people have decided that staying 'on' 24/7 is socially acceptable and it's not," Stone added.

In other words, the average worker should be given time to relax and be given time to do other things or his productivity is bound to decrease.  Too much work and less rest put great stress on a man's mental and physical capacities.

Balancing your work and your family life is to blend your personal life and professional life into an integrated schedule that will optimize them.  How to accomplish this is not easy but with careful analysis and diligence it can be done.

According to Entrepreneur, you must consider your work as your priority. It is the source of your family's income and provides the resources to make your life happy.  However, you must be ready to concentrate on your personal life as soon as you leave the office. Bringing work to your home will not benefit anyone.

Furthermore, you must make your schedule a regular thing so you can get used to a daily routine. Spend some time for recreation and physical exercises. Lastly, you must take a vacation at least once a year.  A 15-day vacation will surely keep you refreshed after several months of continuous work.

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