Dec 02, 2016 05:14 AM EST

Job Hacks: Effective Ways Of Telling Your Boss "No" Without Actually Saying It

Telling your boss no is probably the hardest thing one employee would do. People are scared of the thought that saying no would get you fired right away. Well, there are job hacks for that because you can actually tell your boss "No" without actually saying the word.

However, before you say no to your boss' request, try to weight it out if you are only refusing because you just don't want to do it, Career Cast suggests. But if you just really want to say to no, there are effective job hacks of doing it.

Saying no to a project or request is healthy because saying yes to everything will stress you out. It would do more harm than good since it will affect the quality of your work and will reflect on your performance.

According to The Muse, when you are in a situation that you really want to say no, don't say the word. Your boss will think that you aren't capable enough. For example, if you can't handle more projects, one job hack would be saying,"Can you help me out prioritizing my list of projects?"

During the meeting with your boss, you can show your project list and that you can't handle one more. But if it really requires you take the project, you can ask permission if you can give less priority to your other projects.

Another example would be saying no because you don't agree with your boss' methods. In this case, don't say that you don't agree because it's just a bad idea. But a good job hack would be telling your boss, "Can I suggest something?"

In this situation, your boss would either say yes or no. If you're lucky with a yes, then you would have the opportunity of doing a project that way you want it. But if you get a no, then at least you've expressed your reservations about the project and hopefully, your boss would let other people do it.

These are just a few job hacks that you can use to tell your boss "No." For more tips, stick around and feel free to share your thoughts and requests about job-related topics.

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