Aug 22, 2013 04:10 PM EDT

Unidentified Horned Sea Monster Found in Spain! Experts' Debate To The Viral Shark-Fish-Monster's Origin [VIDEO & REPORT]

A 13-ft long unidentified sea creature was washed along the shore of Luis Siret Beach last Thursday. The appearance of this mythical-like creature has baffled Spanish scientists as it looks like nothing they have seen before. While initial reports claimed that the dead sea creature is a probably an oarfish, latest data shows that it might be a shark.

The decomposing corpse of this intriguing creature was found by a local in the Andalusian village in Villaricos. Its picture immediately became viral and has sparked debates on what it could possibly be.

The horned sea monster, as Netizens call the sea creature, gave off a very horrible stench, prompting the locals to remove its carcass from the shore. A representative from the Civil Defense Committee told a news site, "We have no idea what it was. It really stank, as it was in the advanced stages of decomposition."

Scientists at the Program in Defense of Marine Animals are still gathering data to reveal the identity of the mysterious fish-like creature but marine expert Francisco Toledano stated that identification could readily be made using the available images.

Although many believe that the horned sea monster is an oarfish, a species of marine animals known for their horn-like dorsal fin, experts think that the sea monster could probably be a shark. The caudal fin, which appears as the horn of the sea monster, could be the body of the shark itself.

"It's hard to tell" says David Shiffman, a shark expert from the University of Miami. His blog is all about marine biology and in his Twitter exchange with NBC News, he said, "but the official guess that it could be a thresher shark seems plausible."

Was it a fish? Was it a shark? Or was it a member of a mysterious horned sea monster species that we have not known all along?

See for yourself in this YouTube video:

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