Dec 05, 2016 06:19 PM EST

Does Hiring of Robots Affect American Employment?

By Ara

As the industry requiring labor and workforce continuously emerges all over the country, the construction of warehouses has also created thousands of jobs and higher pays. However, despite the overwhelming demand of labor among manufacturing sites, the acquisition of machines and robot workforce slows down the employment of humans in warehouses and factories.

Online shopping has already been a hit to shoppers of all ages all over the world. Having said, the industry has already provided thousands of jobs particularly in San Bernardino and in Riverside counties of California. Some of these workers fall under the blue collar workers who are assigned to perform basic tasks such as packing the orders of the customers and thereafter sending them anywhere in the world.

According to the experts in the industry, the deployment of robots among manufacturing plants might jeopardize the employment of people who are actually working on the sites. Robots are programmed to specifically perform a task that is recurring according to the cycle of the warehouse and only require minimal supervision.

In a report by LA Times, Chris Thornberg, Beacon Economics' founding partner, said that the scenario these days depict that modern warehouses tend to produce lesser jobs as automation replaces the blue collar jobs. It also comes to show the modern manufacturing in the states where despite many people are qualified for the jobs, only a few of them are employed because manufacturers much prefer robots than actual humans.

According to Acieta, one of the reasons why manufacturers should explore robotics is that robots are capable of working 24/7 even in light-out circumstances of uninterrupted operations, making them produce more than what humans can. Also, the use of robotics in manufacturing is one tactic to be used so that manufacturers remain competitive in times when innovation and advancement in technology matters. This, however, adds doubt to whether or not the recently-elected President Donald J. Trump can fulfil his vow of restoring jobs solely for the Americans.

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