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Job Tips & Advice: The Art Of Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers, 5 Helpful Tips

In every workplace, it's not uncommon for an employee to encounter someone or a group of persons who are difficult to work with. Whether it be a colleague, a boss, or clients, it's important that an employee knows how to properly deal with difficult co-workers and there are helpful tips to doing it

According to The Balance, dealing with difficult people in the office is "an art worth perfecting." Not only will properly dealing with difficult coworkers make an employee's environment and morale better, it also helps him or her learn how to properly manage a healthy relationship in the office.

HR Payroll Systems adds that there really is no right way in dealing with difficult people as it will depend on the person's position and the specific problem or situation. But there are certain general rules and framework that employees can follow when they are in a difficult situation with a co-worker.

So how do you deal with difficult co-workers? Here are five helpful tips:

The first thing an employee must do is to look at himself or herself first. It's easy to perceive that the other person is at fault or that he or she is being a difficult person to work with. But it's more important to look at yourself first and ask if you're just overreacting.

Conduct a self-examination first to properly determine if the other person is really the one who is difficult to deal with and not just you reacting. This could save you a lot of unwanted trouble in the future.

Next tip is to stay calm and focused. It's important that an employee stays focused and calm in dealing with the difficult person. Letting your emotions get the best of you, more often than not, will only lead to trouble.

So stay calm and focus on the current situation. Not only will this save a lot of time and unwanted conflicts, it can also help diffuse the situation.

The third tip is to try and see from the other party's point of view. It's easy to react negatively to someone who has a different opinion or point of view from our own, but more often than not this leads to unwanted consequences.

It's best to be patient and compassionate in dealing with a difficult colleague. Try looking at things from his or her point of view, as this will help you understand where he or she is coming from and be able to act accordingly.

The fourth tip is to don't fear confrontation. Sometimes confronting the difficult employee is a necessary move to make. It may not be comfortable or pleasant, but it will certainly help in addressing the issue.

Just remember, though, that you need to do this in private, so as not to cause a scene or draw too much attention to the both of you. Also remember the two tips before this when you confront the difficult co-worker.

The last tip, and also your last resort, is to bring it up to someone with authority. When you tried everything in your power to deal properly with the difficult co-worker and it still doesn't work, it may be time for someone with authority to step in, especially if your ability to work is already being impacted.

Though we all want to have a harmonious and fun working relations with everyone we come across at work, it's not always going to happen. So knowing how to properly deal with difficult co-workers ensures that your working environment will be harmonious.

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