Dec 09, 2016 05:45 AM EST

Entrepreneurs To Learn From Kids: How To Break Away From Corporate Enslavement And Do What You Love?

Children are always delighted with their new discovery in the world. Their faces light up when receiving a coin despite not knowing it's purpose yet. That is very enticing for the giver. The recipient would want to give more as observed. Clients to feel the same way. So, learning the skills of a child is vital.

The Wall Street Journal wrote; about the advantage of children being exposed to computers during early age. Despite hearing a lot of "no" the whole day, they never give up into persuading you to let them play with a computing device that they laid their eyes on. That is a strategy that many do not want to say "n"o to. 

That is an example of a good negotiating skill coming from a child. Instead of telling people about offers, it is more effective to ask questions like children do. When clients are curious led by the questioning, it sparks interest - that can give an entrepreneur the edge in the market. It's all about knowing what customers need.

Children do not know many things yet but they always like to explore. Give them a new shirt with sleeves. They eagerly try it on sticking their heads into the sleeves but still managed to look adorable if not funny. They are just natural innovators, according to Your Story.

Disappointments do not come easily to a child. Crying might be an easy solution when that happens, but after one episode of shedding tears, they tend to move on easily without carrying much of the baggage, unlike adults. Looking forward to new developments despite failures can help in discovering better ways of running a business.It is generally helpful to live today and not dwell on the past nor worry about the future like what children do.

Working like a slave is over when one becomes an entrepreneur. Being carefree and doing the things people love prevents stress - but that can also have different avenues. Others might love being with someone, contributing to the community, just writing or spending time on the road. The key is in understanding one's self and when that is figured that out, no one will feel the burden of work - just enjoying life while making money, as published in an earlier post of Jobs & Hire.

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