Dec 09, 2016 06:54 AM EST

‘Bleach’ Latest News, Rumors & Update: Is Ichigo Kurosaki And The Rest Of Soul Society Coming Back? ‘Bleach’ To Return In 2018

When episode 366 of "Bleach" aired in March 2012, fans of the massively successful manga-turned-anime series were clearly disappointed. Well, fret no more but be prepared to wait! Warner Bros is set to bring Ichigo Kurosaki and the rest of Soul Society back, this time on the big screen.

The live action film "Bleach" is going to be directed by Shinsuke Sato and reportedly will star Sota Fukushi. According to OtakuVines, the new film will follow the original Tite Kubo script wherein Ichigo Kurosaki becomes a Soul Reaper and will dedicate his life to "protect the innocent" and helping "tortured spirits" find peace. The film is reportedly feature hollows, the Soul Society, and Zanpakuto sword-fighting techniques.

Tite Kubo, the creator of "Bleach," said in an interview that he would be closely involved with the production of the movie. The reason for this is to ensure that the movie will follow the original plot shown in the anime and the manga, or at least as close to the original material as possible. However, Tite Kubo stated that his only concern was the color of Ichigo's hair.

According to Polygon, the film adaption of "Bleach" was announced in the magazine Shonen Jump. The live action film "Bleach" is reportedly going to be shown on 2018 in Japan. No news however if the film is going to be released outside Japan.

The manga-inspired anime adaptation of "Bleach" had a relatively successful run but fans complained that the anime version had too many fillers. Totaling a total of 366 episodes, fans of "Bleach" are instead suggesting that Ichigo Kurosaki and the rest of the crew should have been given another run in the anime field instead of being adapted for the big screen.

According to Reel Rundown, Tite Kubo is working hard on the final arc of the Bleach Manga. This gives fans hope that the Anime is going to be revived sometime in the future.

If the 2018 live action "Bleach" film does well outside Japan, the possibility for a new season of the anime "Bleach" increases. One way or another, fans of "Bleach" would be ecstatic that Ichigo Kurosaki and the rest of the Soul Society would be back soon, doing what they do best: fighting off monstrous hollows. 

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