Dec 09, 2016 06:18 PM EST

‘Super Mario Run’ News and Updates: Release Dates, Cost And Expectations To Nintendo’s Well-Loved Character

It was in September this year that Apple announced that Super Mario Run will be available soon. This announcement was received excitedly during the launching of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Since then, the world is waiting for the auto-running game to be released.

 Until today, Nintendo has shunned away Mario from gracing mobile devices, except on its own handheld console. It was Shigeru Miyamito- the designer behind Mario himself, who announced the coming of well-loved video game character to mobile devices. Soon the audience have more questions in mind? When will it's global release and how much is it?

Even before its release, there was a report from Jobs & Hire that compared the game to an already existing game "Temple Run". The report said that the games are similar except that Mario can only run to the right. IGN made a tutorial video about this game. In the video, the player is instructed to tap to jump and hold to for Mario to jump higher. Mario will run according to the chosen mode and will encounter familiar obstacles like mushroom kingdom and other killer plants.

SuperMarioRun announced that the game will be launched on December 15th. It will cost $9.99(£7.99 in UK). The website said that there will be a free trial but to play the whole game, one needs to pay the entire cost. The free trial will feature three different modes. The game can be bought thru App Store and available in 151 countries. The game supports multiple major languages like English, German, French, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

To show that the game is ready for launching, Apple boss Tim Cook already played a pre-release version of Super Mario Run. He went all the way to Nintendo office in Japan to be the first to play the game.

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