Dec 11, 2016 06:13 AM EST

‘Yuri!!! On Ice’ Episode 10 Recap Air Date, Latest News & Update: Yuri Gives Viktor A Matching Ring! People Reacts On Twitter!

By Din Rose

In the last "Yuri!!! On Ice" Episode 10, Yuri gave Viktor a matching ring. Clearly, the fans went wild when the two made beautiful promises in front of a church. Notably, the 10th episode gave a nice treat for everyone. And, so they brought their happiness on Twitter! There were immediately a number of tweets referring to the scene after it.

Last time, Jobs & Hire reports about the possible gift of Yuri to Viktor. It was speculated to be Grand Prix Finals most coveted gold medal. Although, it was proven to be wrong, yet it's still gold and round.

According to International business Times, "Yuri's adoration for Victor grows as he buys matching rings for both of them. He presents it to him in front of a cathedral." This "Yuri!!! On Ice" Episode 10 scene became an iconic proposal setting.

Many fans were shocked with the turn out of the scene, remarkably after Viktor suggested that they are already engaged. This has been a dream for many fans, especially when the two discreetly expressed concern for one another.

On the fans' reactions, Twitter post about "Yuri!!! On Ice" Episode 10 recap trended. Marriage On Ice user said, "if I weren't already dead I would" referring to the scene's ability to kill them with excitement. Another, Grandpa!!! On ice adds, "viktor looking at the ring yuri gave him reminds me of when i look at the ring my gf got me. i understand it completely. it changes me."

Definitely, it will be much more thrilling now to watch the next episode of "Yuri!!! On Ice". Moreover, they will be concentrating now for the upcoming Grand Prix Finals. Again it will be a must see on Dec. 14.

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