Dec 11, 2016 07:16 AM EST

Breastfeeding Vs Bottled Breast Milk: Know What Is Best For Infants From Health Experts

For years it has been promoted by many health professionals that breastfeeding has always been the best choice infants due to the fact that it boosts the babies' health and immunity. But what is breast milk inside a bottle? Here are some useful and knowledgeable information given by health experts that will likely change the way mothers think.

According to iTech Post, new moms have chosen more on the pumped breast milk placed in bottles rather than the traditional direct breastfeeding method for babies. However, there is a study done by researchers that moms do not really understand the logic between the direct traditional breastfeeding method and the bottle filled with breast milk.

"Breastfeeding is the best method for feeding infant plus it has been previously determined that breastfeeding is important for nutrition, immunology, growth and development of infants and toddlers." According to Marie Tarrant from the University of British Columbia.

According to EurekAlert,  Some mothers believe that there is no total difference between breastfeeding and feeding the infant with a bottle filled with breast milk. It is also stated that bottle feeding using breast milk is way better than an infant formula prepared milk, but it can increase the risk of respiratory issues, weight gain and other issues like oral infections along the way but it does not apply to all though it could be very risky for the infant who likely will have the said issues.

To experts, it is really best for the moms to get into direct breastfeeding as it give the infant the best health benefits it needs as it grows and for the moms it also gives them better health benefits as well. It also provides a bond of comfort between mother and child that cannot be replaced by a bottle filled milk. For more details of the current news and updates stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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