Dec 12, 2016 05:17 AM EST

Minneapolis’ Proposal To Hire More Police Men To Fight Increasing Crime; Mixed Views

By vicmariki

In any community surrounded with the Police officers or law enforcement agencies, it is sometimes hard to build and maintain a good relationship with such a community. For this to happen, the police should show care, cooperation and good governance even as they enforce the law

According to New York Times, Minneapolis Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, recently proposed on increasing the number of police officers for the aim of reducing the crimes in its community. He gave the exact number to be 970 new sworn in police which is the largest expansion the city has seen in years. The plans would make Minneapolis Police department number increase up to 13,500 by in two years.

However, the proposal has been strongly rejected by some who believe that the increase of police men won't be a good solution, but instead could result to more violence and misuse of powerful weapon like guns.

According to Minneapolis's Council President Barb Johnson, reducing the number of police officers in that area of Minnea where the rate of violent crime has increased by 10% this year is impossible and unreasonable.

As reported by lawofficer, Chicago when faced with the same crime increase problem and tried various ways to combat it, later concluded that more police don't necessarily mean less crime.  As the matter of fact, increasing in the number of police men was not a solution on decreasing the number of crime in Chicago.

Jens Ludwig, the director of the Crime Lab at the University of Chicago also challenged the proposal claiming that criminologist often hire more police after crime has already gone up. Following the case at the area of Minnea, The Minneapolis City Council should reflect back on these facts and history in the police force before making a decision on the matter.

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